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Let’s start from the beginning.

In the early spring of 2015, I came up with a new concept for a bar that I wanted to open in Nampa, Idaho.

 This was a new concept for the valley and one that would transport every guest to a pre-prohibition style lounge.  With a heavy emphasis on service and drink quality I set out to create a specific culture that was focused on the education and exploration of cocktails and fine spirits.

 Beyond the bottle lies the true essence of our culture. The people responsible for growing and harvesting the crops, distilling the spirits we love and the hardworking people behind the brands that have captivated an entire industry. 

 These amazing people and their stories are the driving force behind the creation of Craft Lounge. 

The Best Ingredients for the best cocktails

In my pursuit to create the finest cocktails, I started making syrups from scratch with fresh ingredients. My ginger syrup was the first to captivate the guests. Drinks like Moscow Mules and Ginger Lemon Drops started flying off the bar top. The tonic syrup followed suit.


I’ve always been an open book. I wanted to help my guests make their favorite cocktails at home by giving them the recipes, knowledge and mixing ingredients they would to be successful. Pretty quickly I found myself giving guests little bottles of syrup to take home. This is the moment that House Made Syrup entered my line of site.

It didn’t take long to catch on.

 With the help of my bar manager, friend and co-host, John Vieira, we created House Made Syrup.

 The syrups that we use in our bar program at Craft Lounge are now available for anyone in the country to purchase and make amazing cocktails at home. 

 We are committed to helping you, the home bartender, learn how to master your favorite drinks and create new ones while arming you with the skills to host your own party or event.

 I sincerely hope you find what we’re doing helpful and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.


--Nick Boban